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ASUFIN makes it clear in Brussells: FX LOANS must vanish

Posted on 07/06/2016 · Posted in Articles, Europe, Events, FX Loans in Europe, News
  • ASUFIN, and other European assocciations arrive at Brussels with one clear objective: Putting end to the commercialization of FX Loans in Europe

  • The association will expose the risks of these types of mortgages at a meeting organized by the Economic and Social European Committee  (CESE).

  • The meeting also has the intention of creation of a European Association of Financial Users

  • In Spain, ASUFIN, is leader of the defense of those affected by FX Loans and has started presenting various collective demands against the banks that placed these products.


The 7th of June Brussels will hold seminars that are dedicated to to problems the financial consumers are having to face due to the commercialization of certain bank products. The day has been organized by the CESE. At mentioned conferences the problematic of: Dation of Payment, Over-Indebtedness, and FX Loans (Mortgages and the conversion of loan agreements into foreign currencies). ASUFIN, as an association that is expert on the defense of the consumers affected by FX Loans, will be the one in charge of coordinating the block that is dedicated to these types of mortgages. It is also important to state that it will be the only spanish association at the event, country who´s jurisprudence of Spain is acting in favor of the bank clients.

On behalf of the association, it´s President, Patricia Suárez, will expose the situation in Europe making special emphasis on the spanish jurisprudence, which is being pioneer on the matter. In Spain there is approximately 70.000 citizens affected with FX Loans.

This seminar will also analyze the situation countries such as Greace, Rumania, Poland and Italy are having to deal with. These will be represented by, Parakletos, Pro Futuris and Tuconfin, the associations of the three last mentioned countries; In Rumania, there are more than 200.000 loans in swiss francs that were destined when trying to purchase private households, meanwhile in Poland, the government and the banks have adopted a series of measures to improve the situation of those that have these mortgages as in Greace for the first time a collective demand has won against Eurobank.

ASUFIN, and the rest of the european associations attending the seminar, will demand an efficient solution for those affected by FX Loans, as also the prohibition of the commercialization of this type of products for those who respond to a retailer profile.

ASUFIN has been working for many years in the defense of those affected by the bank products, and has already presented in Madrid a class action against FX Loans that will positively affect more than 25.000 citizens that are bank consumers.

With the participation at the seminar, the Association of Financial Users, also aims to bring together the common interests of the different associations that state members of the European Union. The homologous assocciations must establish the principles to be able to create a partnership at a European level. The european associations want to eradicate the bank malpractice and achieve a change in their banking culture.

Patricia Suárez decides to focus on the fact that “Their isn´t a European Association that specifically defends the interest of the bank consumers. Even though there are national associations, it is necessary to find a common ground and realize that all the european countries have much in common. Problems with FX Loans are the same, even though this product may defer between each country, it´s nature is the same. ASUFIN considers absolutely necessary and essential the creation of a commentary association”.