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Conference Agenda in Warsow: Who will be talking about what to report FX Loan abuses

Warsaw has been chosen this time to be the main scene where many professionals, from various fields, gather to fight against banking abuses. Sick and tired of seeing how innocent citizens are constantly the main target of banks and politicians when it comes to abusing, various polish associations and their main law firm have organized a conference at the polish parliament that will have powerful consequences.

In the last years, Poland has organized various marches and protests to report publically the abuses some citizens have suffered, and still are suffering for there is no efficient solution. In Poland there are more than 600.000 FX Loans victims. For this financial exploitation to come to its end, Poland is now whom has asked the European associations for their support by attending a conference that should make clear to their national politicians that they are not alone.

The victims that will be defended at this conference have been deprived from their consumer’s rights. Banks and politicians are no longer seen as trustworthy, and the European associations are fighting back, trying to create a change in banking culture and making sure these abuses never happen again.

This conference responds to the work of professional organizations and associations to demand and find solutions for FX Loans. During hours, different workers involved in this cause will be informing each other of how a future without bank abuses is possible and what solutions must be taken into account. After meeting in many countries around Europe, the 7th of September at the polish parliament in Warsaw has been able to organize an amazingly complex and enrichening conference agenda. It is very important to state that attending this conference there will be representatives of relevant institutions and officials, that can make a difference and help make real justice such as: The Financial Ombudsman representative, Representative  of the finanicla dispute academy academy, Vice-chairman parliamentary committee on budget and public finances, etc.

Prelegent & Temat: 

  1. Arkadiusz Szcześniak Chairman of the “Stop Banking Injustice Association” – Greetings and Introduction.

  2. Bartosz Wyżykowski Representative of Financial Ombudsman – Material opinion as a tool of Financial Ombudsman in supporting bank clients in litigation. First experience and conclusions.

  3. Dr hab. Robert Jastrzębski Profesor of Warsaw University – Influence of exchange rate on performance of obligations in Polish currency. Polish regulations in the XXth century.

  4. Barbara Garlacz Harvest Legal House / lawyer – Adjustment of credit obligations in practice – evolution of jurisdiction.

  5. Stanisław Adamczyk Academy of Financial Dispute – Indexation clause as embedded derivative under IAS 39.

  6. Maciej Pawlicki “Stop Banking Injustice Association” – Political consequences te of avoiding statutory solution of toxic credits situation for the Polish state.

  7. Participants about Discussion panel: How to solve the toxic credits situation in Poland?:

    1.1) Vice-Chairman of Parliamentary Committee of Budget and Public Finance – Janusz Szewczak,

    1.2)Andrzej Maciejewski Parliamentary Club of Kukiz’15,

    1.3) Vice-Chairman of SLD-Party – Wincenty Elsner,

    1.4) Experts.

  8. Mariusz Korpalski lawyer in Komarnicka Korpalski Law Office – Legal position of consumers in financial market. Conclusion.

  9. Introduction and moderation. Chairman of Pro Futuris Association Tomasz Sadlik.

  10. Panel participants:

    Dr Katherine Alexander, European Legal Committee for Consumer Rights, lawyer in the UK, Greece and Cyprus

    Árpád Kásler, consumer protest leader – Hungary

    Sigrun Davidsdottir, economic journalist – Iceland

    Patricia Suarez Ramirez, President Asufin Association – Spain

    • Loleta Linares, Advocate Asufin Association – Spain

    • Vanesa Fernández, Advocate Asufin Association – Spain

    Monica Calu, Parakletos Association – Romania

    Evi Avoglari, lawyer– Greece

    Kostantinos Katsaros, lawyer – Cyprus, Greece

    Rostislav Kravets, Lawyer – Ukraine

    Sheila Meneghetti, Franca Berno, Nicola Erriquez – Tuconfin Association – Italy