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France: the criminal trial against BNP has started

Posted on 25/11/2019 · Posted in Courts, France

Le Proces Penal BNP – Original text in French by Collectif Helvet Immo

The criminal trial of BNP PPF for its toxic loans Helvet Immo will be held from November 12.

There is still time to become a civil party.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance will appear in Paris Criminal Court to be judged by the misdemeanor of deceptive marketing practices as of November 12th.

It is very rare for a bank to be referred to a Correctional Court for such a large number of victims, with such heavy losses. The group of victims Helvet Immo is pleased to have obtained the holding of this trial with the help of the law firm CONSTANTIN-VALLET.

In this context, we recommend all borrowers who have not yet acted to file a civil suit as a matter of urgency. There is still time to join our legal action before the trial. It will be too late afterwards.

As a reminder, it was our initiative that our lawyers had filed numerous criminal complaints in 2011, then opened a judicial investigation in 2013. In this context, a particularly thorough investigation by two investigating judges revealed heavy charges to against BNP PPF which led to his being sent to the Criminal Court.

Regarding civil proceedings, the last judgments of the Court of Cassation have been referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union to rule on the unfairness of the clauses of the contract. This action, which CONSTANTIN-VALLET has led, aims to protect French consumers under the same conditions as other European countries.

Also, all the judicial advances that we have obtained leave us every chance to assert our rights. In this situation, we advise you to approach our collective or cabinet CONSTANTI-VALLET without waiting.

More about this trial, see Collectif Helvet webpage (in French)