FX Loans in Barcelona: Documents

Posted on 10/07/2017 · Posted in Articles, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Spain
» ASUFIN, in collaboration with the Barcelona Lawyer Association Bar, organized the VI European Conference about the FX Loans in Europe last 18.5.2017.
» Representatives from all Europe (Iceland, Poland, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy and Spain)  participated in the convention to present the current situation in their countries.

ASUFIN in collaboration with the Barcelona Lawyer Association Bar and the Youth Lawyers Group (GAJ Barcelona) has invited representatives of consumer associations from different European countries to learn more about the situation of families with Fx Loans in Europe. The Congress was a success,  herewith we publish all conferences in PDF format.

–  WORLD – History of foreign currency indebtedness in the world – Sigrún Davidsdottir (Icelandic journalist)
– SLOVENIA – Alja Pestar (President of Združenje Frank) Boštjan M. Zupančič (Judge at the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg)
– CROATIA – Denis Smajo (President Udruga Franak)Nicole Kwiatkowski (lawyer)
– BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA – Dalibor Mrša (lawyer)
– SERBIA – Jelena Pavlovic (lawyer)
– POLAND – Foreign currency mortgages in Poland – Beata Komarnicka Nowak (lawyer)
– ITALY – Foreign currency mortgages in Italy – Franca Berno (President of Tuconfin)
– SPAIN -Financial Fraud and Health – María Victoria Zunzunegui (Finsalud Foundation)
– SPAIN – Foreign exchange mortgages in Spain – Patricia Suárez – President Asufin