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Poland: European associations unite at a conference in the Polish parliament to end FX Loans

Posted on 04/10/2016 · Posted in FX Loans in Europe, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom

» The European activists continue to work together for the consumer’s rights. They will reunite at the Polish parliament in Warsaw. Representatives of polish institutions, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals committed will also attend to fight for this cause. The more united, the stronger they will become. 

» Last June, at the European Committee in Brussels, various European and activists and lawyers, came together again to seek and demand, apart from the national solution, a European legitimacy and defense for the bank consumers. Many national issues have been covered by the protection of consumers from Brussels.  


The European associations will not surrender. The more united and the more they support the individual causes, the stronger the common one will be, since they are all defending the same: Finding justice for the bank consumers. Following this line, the activists will be traveling to Poland to participate in the conference “The situation of consumers in the financial market.” The event, organized by the ProFuturis association , the Bankowemu Bezprawiu, and the law firm Law24, will take place on the 7th of October at the Polish Parliament.

The conference will examine the situation of bank consumers in the financial market and the legal and political cover they have. Associations, journalists, representatives of institutions, university doctors and lawyers will exchange information with two main objectives: Assist each other at a national and independent status and achieve a common point. It is more than obvious that this is also a European struggle. Warsaw will witness how SpanishBritishHungarianPolishRomanian, ItalianCyprensIcelandic and Greek work to achieve protection for bank customers. Acts like this lay the foundations for creating a future joint European association and a stronger community to fight against the bank and their product placement.

These European associations have been meeting around Europe for many years. After organizing conferences in England, Greece, Belgium, Poland, etc. their last stop was nothing less than the European Committee of consumer’s rights. The Spanish associations ASUFIN, represented by its President Patricia Suárez, led a series of presentations in front of this committee to demand the protection of bank consumers affected. Suárez was accompanied by several colleagues that also explained the consequences the multicurrency mortgages, known as FX Loans, had on their clients. They also explained the need for this product to no longer be viable in the financial market and the need for a fair and eminent solution.

Poland will be where all the associations focus. After numerous protests during the year, the latest one a couple of months ago uniting more than 2000 people, the polish lawyers and associations have organized this event that will achieve many things. The unfulfilled promises of president Duda, towards those that are affected by FX Loans, has made those that are sensitized and committed to this cause, unite at the Polish Parliament to try to find a solution for the affected. It is essential to support the Polish victims since many of them will soon not be able to claim justice (due to the date of their mortgage) and need this final push to be as strong as possible.