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Slovenia organise a discussion on FX Loans

Posted on 28/02/2019 · Posted in Events, News, Slovenia

On March 4th 2019, the Consumer Association ZDRUZENJA FRANC, member of FX Loans European Group, organise a meeting in the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Slovenian Consumer Association has planned this meeting to discuss on “European view on systemic solutions of the CHF loans banking affair”,  where members of various Parliaments and Associations from the European Union will participate. Everyone hopes that new solutions are created in favour of those affected by this banking abuse.

Patricia Suárez, member and coordinator of the Consumer Associations of the European Committee for the defense of consumers, will take part of this event as well as Sigrún Davíðsdóttir from Iceland, Matjaž Sušnik from Slovenia, Prof. Dr. Zoltan Laszlo Kiss from Hungary or Jelena Pavlović from Serbia.

It is not the first time that the FX Loans group meet to defend those affected by foreign currency loans in Europe:

On June 2015 took place the European Conference on CHF Loans in Athens, Greece.

In the same year, 2015 took place the to Global Legal ConfEX2015 in London, Britain.

In May 2016, FX Loans Consumers group went to Brussels to call for cessation of these mortgages and lay the foundation for the creation of the Financial Consumers European Association.

In October 2016, FX Loans Consumers group went to Varsovia Parliament

In June 2017, ASUFIN organised a Congress in Barcelona (Spain) and consolidated the network in Europe of Financial Users


10.00 – 10.15 WELCOME

  • Alojz Kovšca, President of the National Council
  • Matjaž Sušnik, President of Združenja Frank Association

10.15 – 12.00 LECTURE

  • Sigrún Davíðsdóttir, Research journalist, economist
  • Breda Kutin, President of the Slovenian Consumer’s Association          
  • Patricia Suárez, Coordinator of the European Consumers Associations FX LOANS, President of the Spanish Consumer Association ASUFIN
  • Goran Aleksić, Member of the Croatian parliament – Party Snaga         
  • Dr. Andrej Miksić, Financial Risk Manager    
  • Odv. Jelena Pavlović, Member of the Board of the CHF of Serbia
  • Matjaž Sušnik, President of Združenja Frank Association
  • Zasl. prof. dr. Ciril Ribičič, IUP Ljubljana, Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljani          


The discussion will be moderated by mag. Gorazd Knific