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SPAIN: FX Loans are toxic, even more than Bankia preferred shares

Posted on 25/07/2015 · Posted in Articles, Spain

Following the judgment of the Supreme Court (see here), EL PAÍS, one of the most popular newspapers of Spain,  has published to articles writen by two experts lawyers to explain the problem of FX Loans in Spain and its defense in court. For its relevance, we recommend reading and dissemination.

Fernando Zunzunegui. 24.7.2015
GOOGLE TRANSLATE · The toxicity of FX Loans · Entities should account for not meeting the standards of investor protection

La toxicidad de las hipotecas multidivisa · Las entidades deben rendir cuentas por no haber cumplido las normas de protección del inversor

Patricia Gabeiras. 25.7.2015
GOOGLE TRANSLATE · FX Loans, as serious as the problem of preferred shares · The Supreme Court considers that products whose risks are in excess of those mortgages and banks were required to inform customers

Hipotecas multidivisas, un problema tan grave como el de las preferentes · El Tribunal Supremo considera que son productos cuyos riesgos exceden de los que tienen los préstamos hipotecarios y que las entidades financieras estaban obligadas a informar a sus clientes