The danger of FX LOANS for Europe will be explained in Brussels

Posted on 05/05/2016 · Posted in Events, FX Loans in Europe, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Spain
  • Next 7th June, the danger of FX LOANS for Europe will be presented at the “Financial Matters” meeting in the European Economic and Social Committee.

  • Organized by Patricia Suárez, president of ASUFIN, it will also assist as speakers Sigrún Daviosdottir (journalist),  Tomasz Sadlik (Pro Futuris) and Monica Calu (APC Romania – Pro Consumatori Association).

  • The Belgium capital will be the one in charge of seeing how the first steps are taken towards the formation of a European Assosiation of Financial Users, based on the common problems of the citizens that form the member states.

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The next 7th of June, at the European Economic and Social Committee will hold a seminar about the financial issues that concern the European Union. It will be at the headquarters of the mentioned Committee where a series of professionals will approach and explain the relationship between banks and their customers: A reality experienced by citizens of the Union and which are common in many aspects, despite being different countries. The seminar will be open to the public, but only upon previous registration.  It is essential to fill in the form below before 31st of May.

The nearly four hours of lectures, which will be completed with a debate, will  be divided into three main blocks: 1. Consumer Information 2. Overindebtedness 3. Conversion Mortgage Loans and Foreign Exchange. Each block will be directed by an expert representative of the subject in matter. These experts will explain the issues from different affected countries of the European Union, and their points of view, and the placement of highly toxic products by the banks to their clients. ASUFIN has been the association responsible of organizing and directing the block that is dedicated to the problem of FX LOANS in Europe.

This seminar in Brussels is representative of a new starting point. The beginning of a journey that will allow to achieve the creation of a European Financial Users Association. The capacity of bringing together so many people, including those whom participate in an active (the experts) but also passive (the public) way, is expected to make a difference. This seminar can be considered as the pioneer of this cause, due to the union of various associations of consumers from different states of the European Community that have been affected by FX LOANS.

Patricia Suarez, President of ASUFIN, will be responsible of opening and directing the section related to mortgage loans and conversion of foreign currency loans. Suárez will be in the company of Romanian and Polish activists and experts in the mentioned field.  Suárez is trying to aim for those who are responsible for conssumation in the European Union. Her main objective is to expose the systemic risk the purchase of these products has ended up being for the citizens of the European Community. The President of ASUFIN has extrapolated her national struggle to an international level. She aims to eradicate this financial product throughout the European Union.

To explain to her european partners as also to the public, the FX LOANS block will be explained by various people that are experts on this matter. Patricia Suárez will open this part of the seminar, in representation of the Spanish consumers and ASUFIN. Following Suárez will be Sigrún Daviosdottir, an important financial journalist that will help understand how and what the banks did with these products. Next will be Monica Calu, a romanian jurist of the consumer organization APC Romania (Pro Consumatori Association) and Tomasz Sadlik, President of Pro Futuris, will be in charge of wrapping up this block.

After constant trips in Spain, Suarez  is trying to bring all the necessary information to different cities. Only this way will the citizens know that they can and should sue banks. European support is as necessary as that of the on that comes from the national courts. On June 7th, ASUFIN will again fight for “change in the banking culture“, only this time it will be involving and supporting her european partners.



On June 7th we will be in Brussels exposing the problem of FX LOANS.  These seminars will be conducted by experts that work on the issues of bank consumer in Europe.
The event is an internal hearing, however, we have requested for the public to be able to attend, for we know many are interested in this problem and want to participate. As organizers, we must provide a list of attendees before May 31. This is why we ask you to kindly fill out this form, if you are interested in attending the meeting.
Please note that ASUFIN will not pay any costs related to your attendance at this meeting.