The Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) sanctioned the mBank for not applying negative interest

Posted on 20/01/2016 · Posted in Articles, Poland

UOKiK imposed on banks over 6.5 million zł (14,64 M €) penalty for not taking into account the negative interest rates on mortgage loans in CHF. The second bank, to which the Authority issued a decision in a similar case – ING Bank Slaski – he pledged to change their practices – gave the UOKiK.
Proceedings against mBank and ING Bank Slaski were initiated in June 2015 after like 20 January 2015. President of UOKiK initiated inquiries against all the banks that offered mortgage loans in Swiss francs. 6 further proceedings are pending.

Full article here (Original in Polish, English Google Translator)